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Technology is the key to bringing your work to new heights that would otherwise be unreachable, we will help you take advantage of the web and cutting edge technologies in order to open your business to new perspectives.


Cutting-edge technologies such as Cloud Computing and Machine Learning will be at your disposal for the realization of your projects. We strongly believe in innovation and we are willing to support it by any means making our services accessible to everyone.


Channel your influence and create new ways to reach your followers and increase your sources of income, thus leading you to make the most of your potential.


Web Development

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Machine Learning

Multi Platform

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Web Security

Lost in the Web:
The IlluminatiCrew Official Game

Our first mobile game is finally out!
Save The IlluminatiCrew in this 2D Raging Game that will bring you through many different pixeled and colorful worlds.

Unique Art Style

Live a unique experience thanks to the pixel art style and the catchy musics.

Breaking Records

We climbed the charts reaching the top of multiple categories on both Play Store & App Store.


Q.I have an idea but I don't know where to start, what should I do?

Drenlab supports innovative and revolutionary ideas, we will guide you through all the steps to make your idea a reality.

Q.What is Machine Learning and how can it help me?

It allows you to create computer systems capable of learning independently to perform tasks, from the simplest as a system for recommendations to the most complicated such as autonomous driving.

Q.What is Cloud Computing and how can it help me?

It consists in exploiting the computing power of remote servers that provide services with high technological value.

Q.What is Multi-Platform development and how can it help me?

Multi-Platform development allows you to distribute the same application on multiple IT platforms, thus allowing you to have the same product on the Web, Mobile and Desktop with minimum effort.

Q.I think I don't have enough budget, what can I do?

Do not worry! We are very flexible and will find a suitable solution for you, our goal is to support innovation at any cost!